Historical Images:

The following images were collected from the Historical Aircraft section of the Canadian Forces website.
TOP: CF-100 MK 2T -- FBH 18105, is seen here trying a Jet Assisted Take Off (JATO) while on detachment with the Experimental Proving Establishment at RCAF Station Uplands on October 13, 1952.
TOP: 18383 was a Mk. IVB Canuck with 423 Squadron at the time this photo was taken over St. Hubert, Quebec.
TOP: On 4 November, 1956 445 Squadron of the RCAF, equipped with CF-100 Mk. 4Bs, arrived in France to become the first unit in NATO to fly multi-seat all-weather fighters, later three further squadrons of Mk. 4Bs were added to the Canadian contingent in Europe during 1957, remaining until 1962.

BELOW: CF-100 from 414 EW Sqn. (Black Knights).

TOP: Canuck 18675 or DL*675 was a CF-100 Mk. 5 in service with the RCAF only from 29 July, 1957 to 5 March, 1963 when it was written off after having been involved in a Category A accident on 4 December, 1962. '675 served with 428 and 432 All-Weather Fighter Squadrons and the Electronic Warfare Unit operating out of RCAF Station Bagotville, Quebec and is shown here in the colours of 432 Squadron (made evident by the comet shaped insignia on the engine nacelle and the horizontal bars on the tail).

BELOW: Canuck 5D -- 100784.
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