CF-100 Canuck's in Foreign Service:

January 1958 - The only Avro Canada model to be exported, 53 ex-Royal Canadian Air Force models being sold to the Belgian Air Force, deliveries commencing in December 1957. 14 out of the total order of 53, were flown from the R.C.A.F. Station Uplands, Ottawa, by crews for 428 and 410 Squadrons. They went via Goose Bay, Keflavik, and Marville France, to Beauvechain in Belgium.

United States security regulations prohibited further exports, as some US equipment was fitted.

S/N #'s 18685 - 18738 were delivered to the Belgian Air Force. The following Unit Codes were given upon activation into the B.A.F.

18732: A*X47; 18733: A*X48; 18734: A*X49; 18735: A*X50; 18736: A*X51; 18737: A*X52; 18738: A*X53.

BELOW: Belgian AF CF-100's from 250 Sqn. Beauvechain ca. 1959.  In December of 1957 delivery began of 53 ex-RCAF Mk.5s to the Belgian Air Force where they once more gave long and useful service as they had in the RCAF.