This site was developed many years ago, shortly after Version 1 of my Avro Arrow Page...Karl Mesojednik's Avro Arrow Dedication Page (formerly called Karl's Avro Arrow Page). Here, you will find not only my profile artwork featuring the Canuck, but also technical information, some historical images, and some conjecture info.

The CF-100 Canuck was A.V. Roe Canada's answer to an R.C.A.F. requirement for an all-weather interceptor/fighter. You will also find conjecture information on the CF-103... a swept-wing version of the CF-100 Canuck.  Avro Canada did build a mock-up of the CF-103, but only out of plywood to see if a swept wing could be adapted on the Canuck. It could.

As this site is undergoing re-building, you may find a few dead links or no links at all. Please be patient... it will be rewarded.